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SPECIAL POOL, 2013memorable casket

memorable casket

eye patch

snowflakes are better than people i believe
elsa didn’t misunderstand her father
but she did grow cold over the years
the haunting is haunted too
the haunted is haunting
i am tinned
my heart is empty
my eye is empty


pixel drawings, text, audio

hallways (color of my life)

eight fallen butterflies hold the 
color of abandoned houses
every milk tooth belongs to them
they smell strong of black cars

it’s a panda with a limp

there are four holes in my walls
but none to get through whole
work with what you have
record secrets in corners

alienation is a bedroom in your heart

i can comfortably live in big coats
like this enormous black one
they make the best vertical coffins
to hide in on airports

anchor melody

an anchor is not an anchor
gymnastically dissipated
out of reach
never alone and never together
no mothers without fathers
i look for the edges of the sky with everything at once
when i close my eyes i see ponies
you can build basements for these things

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